Fabulous Fan Dancers - Performance Troupe

Booking the Troupe

To book the fabulous fan dancers, please email jazidaproductions@gmail.com

The performance troupe is versatile and a happy to modify acts and work with a range of fan colours to suit any event.

They work with fan veils (fans with 1.5m of silk attached) as well as feather fans (ostrich feather fans)

About the Troupe

Jazida’s Fabulous Fan Dancers are a performance troupe that have a wide repotoire of choreographies written by Jazida who won the title of Miss Fantastic at the Miss Burlesque Australia competition in 2016 for the best fan dancing.

 The troupe is inspired to use silk fan veils (fans with 1.5 metres of silk attaches) as well as burlesque feather fans (large ostrich feather fans) in a wide range of creative ways and take influence from bellydance, burlesque, jazz, circus, fire, water and so much more. Acts feature work with single fans, double fans, open and closed fan as well as lots of fun staging.

 The Fabulous Fan Dancers’ fun choreographies and joyful delivery has seen this troupe booked to perform at several events across Australia over past 3 years and have featured at events including the Adelaide Fringe Festival (2018), Newcastle Bellydance Festival (2017, 2018), Majors Creek Festival (2016, 2017), Ginninderry Summerfest (2018), Aids Action Council’s Spring Out (2017),  the Canberra Multicultural Festival (2016, 2017, 2018), the Canberra Curry Festival (2017, 2018), Night at the Museum at the National Museum of Australia (2018), Industrial Illumination as part of the Enlighten Festival (2017), Hurly Burly Winter Fair (2018), Decadence and Debauchery (2017, 2018), High Brow at the LoBrow (2017), Ode to Eve (2016, 2017), Mondayitis Cabaret (2016) and many more. They even featured as backup dancers a part of Miss Burlesque ACT in 2016.

Requirements for Booking

In order to perform, the fabulous fan dancers require the following:

  • Overhear clearance of at least 2 metres
  • A performance space (e.g. a stage) with at least a dimension of 4m x 5m. However, the bigger the better (as working with these props takes a lot of space)

If possible, the following would be preferable:

  • A speaker system to play the music
  • An audio tech who can press play/pause on the tracks
  • An even surface underfoot

Fan Veil Acts

Fan Veil acts on repertoire include:

  • Long Digger
    A fun, up-beat and energetic number
  • Pink Elephants on Parade
    A cheeky uptempo act with a bit of a circus feel
  • Back it Up
    A sultry romantic piece
  • Spitfire
    An act which explores fire vs water
  • Circus
    A fast-paced act inspired by the ringleaders and clowns of a circus
  • Minnie the Moocher
    A fun number with a bit of call and response
  • Spice Up Your Life
    A colourful fast-paced joyful number
  • Poison
    A sultry fan number with a lot of movement inspired by fire twirling

Feather Fan Acts

Feather fan acts on repertoire include:

  • Take it all
    A cheeky showgirl number with a bit of jazz influence
  • 9 Crimes
    A slow, heartfelt act full of emotion
  • Midnight
    An up-beat happy act
  • Because I love you
    A jam packed fun act with hair flicks, backbends and fan tosses
  • Umbrella
    A joyful act with lots of arabesques
  • Pony
    A cheeky act with a suddenly dirty feel (there is option for this act to also be delivered as a group burlesque act, but only with a smaller selection of the troupe)
  • Prince Ali
    A cute act to a Disney favourite
  • Spell
    A more serious act with some great canons and fun isolation