Jazida is excited to be launching new independently run classes in 2019!! Classes will be held out of the Kaleen Community Hall at 28 Georgina Crescent in Kaleen.

Any questions, please email jazidadance@gmail.com

Class Descriptions

Monday 7:30pm - 8:45pm
Fabulous Fan Dancing

Learn the art of fan dancing! Classes alternate between Fan Veil dancing and Feather Fan dancing each term
*In 2019 term 1 is fan veils, term 2 is feather fans, term 3 is fan veils and term 4 is feather fans*

Jazida has passionately toured workshops and taught fan dancing (fan veils and feather fans) every week since early 2016. You will learn everything from proper fan holding technique and how to care for your fans to beautiful movements, and the best way to use your fans for the most impact on stage. These are relaxed and fun filled classes where you’ll meet great people and leave feeling energised!

These classes will focus on fan manipulation technique and can be done in comfy everyday clothes.
We’ll explore single, double, open and closed fan work to help build strength in the core, wrists, arms, back; increase flexibility; and develop musicality. You will be using these props with showgirl style in no time at all!

At the end of the term, interested students will have the opportunity to perform the group choreography at community events and/or one of JazidaProductions shows. These performance opportunities are most likely unpaid.

Monday 9:00pm - 10:00pm
Fabulous Fan Dancers - Troupe Development and Rehearsal

This time slot is reserved for advanced fan dancers who have already completed a minimum of 2 terms of fan dancing and wish to be part of Jazida's Fabulous Fan Dancing Troupe. This is a professional troupe and this time will be used to rehearse to upcoming performance and develop/polish acts.

The fee taken for being part of the troupe goes towards costume hire (costumes will be made/bought catered to your size, but kept by Jazida for the whole troupe) and will also cover public liability for performing and troupe insurance fees. Performance opportunities for the troupe are paid.

Sunday 6:00pm -7:15pm
Intermediate Burlesque

Jazida's Finishing School for Flashers!
This is an opportunity for intermediate burlesque performers or experienced dancers looking to move into burlesque to further develop their skills and move into/towards professional/semi-professional performance.
Classes will be broken down into a warm up, focus drills (focusing on arms, hips and chest), thematic drill (drilling a basic choreo to gain muscle memory for common moves) and combo breakdown which will be pieced together into a comprehensive group choreography
Each term one week will be non-dance focused and look at the logistics of running your own burlesque business. This class does include striptease and is choreographed with a goal to go down to pasties and a g-string, but students are welcome to choose the level of nudity they are comfortable going to. 

At the end of the term, interested students will have the opportunity to perform the group choreography at one of JazidaProductions burlesque variety shows. These performance opportunities are most likely unpaid. However, students are welcome to perform the choreographies independently for payment (so long as Jazida is credited as choreographer)

Please note that while Jazida supports all gender identities, due to the striptease elements of burlesque (and the nudity/partial nudity involved), this class is restricted to females or female-identifying people over the age of 18. If enough interest is registered for a mixed-gendered class, Jazida will happily run an additional class (please register interest by emailing jazida.burlesque@gmail.com)

Sunday 7:30 - 8:30pm
One-on-one Development Workshop

This is time that can be booked in to have a one-on-one workshop session with Jazida to develop any act you are looking to take to the stage (burlesque, fan dancing, bellydance fusion or other). People who attend this session will receive feedback and tips on how to enhance their acts, can film relevant choreography sections and Jazida will work with them to map out choreography notes, which will be made available to the student afterwards.

This workshop time can also be used to develop other skills relevant to performing artists (such as how to run a burlesque business, tips for marketing, make up for stage, etc).

Please note that workshop fees include a studio hire fee. Regular students in other classes get a $20 discount for one-on-one workshops.

Terms and Conditions of Enrollment

Refunds and Make-Up Classes

  1. A seven day cooling off period for cancellations and refunds are available after enrolment. After which, a full refund will only occur if the class term is cancelled or postponed
  2. In some cases of injury, illness or other personal circumstances, a deferment of fees can be negotiated prior to the absence or when the situation first occurs.
  3. When a student misses a class, they are welcome to attend any other class (make-up class) provided by Jazida within the same term. There is a maximum of 3 make-up classes per term. Individual classes will not be refunded or extended.
  4. Where a student is unable to attend a booked one-on-one workshop, they must give a minimum of 2 days notice after which refunds can only be given at discretion.

Late enrollments and payments

  1. Late enrollments will still be accepted if the class is not full. The full term fee remains payable until week 4.
  2. Late paying students are not guaranteed a place if the class is full. Where not negotiated and full payment has not been made by week 4, a 25% late fee will be added to the invoice for student.

Injuries and Risks

  1. While all reasonable care is taken in the conduct of classes, Jazida does not accept responsibility for injury or loss caused in or near the classes.
  2. It is the student’s responsibility to ensure they are medically fit for classes and to notify the teacher of any known injuries/limitations and to adjust the movement accordingly.
  3. Where a student has a known medical condition that requires an action plan, they must inform Jazida before commencing classes. This detail and their emergency contact information must be provided through the Student Information Form
  4. Students must ensure that they are using appropriate footwear and taking appropriate safety measures – by enrolling as a student, you declare you take full responsibility.
  5. Where an accident or incident occurs, details will be reported to Jazida and properly recorded.
  6. If required, students may receive medical treatment including first aid and agree to meet any associated medical expenses (including ambulance).


  1. Appropriate behaviour is expected while in and around the Kaleen Community Hall. While nudity/partial-nudity will be part of class, it is expected that you cover up if transiting between class spaces and that you are respectful of the building and other people in the vicinity.
  2. Classes are aimed to be a safe, welcoming and inclusive environment for all students. There is zero tolerance for bullying, intimidation or discriminatory behaviour.
  3. Where students must bring other people with them (such as children/family), there must be express consent from all the class members for them to be a spectator. Otherwise, they will need to wait in one of the other rooms of the hall until the class is complete.

Photos and Videos

  1. Photos/videos taken, may be used for the purpose of promoting the school. Any sensitive images will always be cleared with you first. If you wish for your image not to be used or have any concerns, please email jazida.burlesque@gmail.com
  2. Students understand that public community performances may result in and photos and videos being taken by the media or members of the public

Intellectual property

  1. All choreography learned is the intellectual property of Jazida and where students choose to perform this without the troupe/Jazida, permission must be granted from Jazida and credit must be given.
  2. All resources provided in class (such as handouts) are not for further circulation or to be used by students to teach others without permission from Jazida.


Who can attend classes?

All genders, races, sizes and fitness levels are welcome! Anyone interested can attend fan dancing classes. However, due to the striptease elements of burlesque, the burlesque class is restricted to females or female-identifying people over the age of 18. If there is enough interest in a mixed-gender burlesque class, Jazida will be happy to add another class to the timetable. To register your interest, please email Jazida.burlesque@gmail.com

I’ve never done burlesque or danced before. Can I still join?

Yes! Anyone is welcome to enrol. However, classes are aimed at an intermediate level. This means that while Jazida will still work with you to build up your skills, it will be your responsibility to keep up with the pace of the class (this may mean reviewing videos and practicing at home if you are a beginner)

Do I have to perform and do I have to strip?

No! You are welcome to do whatever you are comfortable with. Performing is not compulsory for class attendees and how much you choose to reveal or not reveal is up to your own discretion. To enable effective rehearsals and training, it is expected that all people enrolled as part of Jazida’s Fabulous Fan Dancers (the professional performance troupe) will agree to perform.

Do I have to book in? Can I just show up to class?

All students must enrol for a term in advance. In rare circumstances, casual attendance can be negotiated with Jazida – but is not guaranteed.

What kind of shoes do I need for class?

A lot of our classes will be done with bare feet (particularly when warming up and drilling new movement). We recommend being barefoot or wearing ballet flats when using van veils (as you can easily tear the silk if you wear heels).

Heels are welcome to be used, particularly for burlesque class and some of the feather fan classes. You can wear any heels that you feel comfortable in. However, we recommend wearing ballroom/salsa dance heels with flexible leather/suede soles.

Do I need to bring my own fans?

If possible, it is recommended that you bring your own props. However, Jazida can provide you with spare fan veils if you don’t have your own. Where you don’t have your own feather fans, Jazida has a very small collection available for loan, but also has plenty of smaller plastic fans which can be used to learn with.

You can buy your own fans online – for recommendations of where to get them please talk to Jazida or other fan dancers, as there are pros and cons to different styles and what is best for you will be unique.

How do I get there? Where do I park?

ACTION buses offer services direct to Kaleen and there is parking at the Kaleen Hall on Georgina Cres. There are also two parking lots associated with the Kaleen Plaza, which are walking distance from the hall.

Can I book a burlesque hens party or a professional performance?

Absolutely! Jazida is happy to offer a range of exciting hens packages and performance options. For more information, please email Jazida.burlesque@gmail.com