Jazida's Fabulous Fan Dancers

Fabulous Fan Dancers - Performance Troupe

Booking the Troupe

To book the fabulous fan dancers, please email jazidaproductions@gmail.com

The performance troupe is versatile and a happy to modify acts and work with a range of fan types, fan colours, as feature fans (e.g. LED) to suit any event.

About the Troupe

Jazida’s Fabulous Fan Dancers are a professional performance troupe that have a wide repotoire of choreographies written by Jazida (one of Australia's most accomplished fan dancers).

The troupe has been developing since forming in 2015 and use fan veils and feather fans in a wide range of creative and unique ways.

The Fabulous Fan Dancers have toured across Australia including featuring at the Adelaide Fringe Festival, headlining Floriade NightFest, headlining Spring Out Pride Festival, featuring at the national Museum of Australia, Enlighten Festival, and so much more.

Jazida (who runs the troupe), is in demand for her unique fan dancing skills and has been touring workshops all across Australia. The troupe is also made up of incredible solo performers many winners and finalists in Mx Burlesque Australia competitions.

Requirements for Booking

In order to perform, the fabulous fan dancers require the following:

  • Overhear clearance of at least 2 metres
  • A performance space (e.g. a stage) with at least a dimension of 4m x 5m. However, the bigger the better (as working with these props takes a lot of space)

If possible, the following would be preferable:

  • A speaker system to play the music (but we have a portable one we can bring)
  • An audio tech who can press play/pause on the tracks (but we can operate ourselves if needed)
  • An even surface underfoot

Fan Veil Act Examples

Feather Fan Act Examples